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Once upon a time, two women went hiking during a pandemic. Staying 6 feet apart, of course. One said, “People are struggling to be healthy. We need to make good health easy for everyone”. “We should create journals for help people get healthy,” said one. “We should use the latest science to get people healthy,” said the other. “We need to make this easy, affordable, and for everyone – kids, college students, parents, pregnant woman, and older adults,” they both said. Healthy Moves was born. Developed by health and wellness experts, researchers, and good people who care.

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At Healthy Moves, our mission is to improve people’s health and wellness through science-based journaling!

who we are

Heather Hausenblas, Ph.D.

She believes we can all have healthy and happy lives and we can get there through our behaviors. She is a health psychology expert, award-winning researcher, and author. When Heather’s not walking the family dog, cooking with natural ingredients, watching her sons play sports, and exercising outdoors with friends she’s researching wellness. She’s a health and science nut – it’s her career, hobby, and passion. She resides in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband and three boys.

Mandy Milla, MS

Her passion is fitness and health for all. It drives her online fitness business, her teaching, and her vacations. Her high energy for health is contagious. When she’s not teaching about wellness, she’s spending time with her family, taking cross-country road trips to state and national parks, and searching for new adventures to create amazing memories. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, son, and daughter.