At Healthy Moves, our mission is to improve people’s health and wellness through science-based journaling!

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Time to get up and get moving! Get some tips here to help you get going!


Time to get those steps in. Here are some simple ways to get more steps in your day.


Time to sit, we all have to at some point! Here are ways to make your sit time work better for you.


Time to get some sleep! Tips to improve your sleep habits, and your sleep quality.

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"This is a simple science based tracker that has allowed me to improve my daily activity levels and initiate healthy sleep habits. It is a great motivational tool for anyone trying to get healthier."
- Margaret

Healthy Moves Client

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"Working from home has created havoc with my self-care routines and after Zooming all day, the last thing I want to do is use another app! I keep this journal right next to me on my desk so that I remember to get up, move, and break free from the screen whenever possible. I was even inspired to get an adjustable desk so I spent less time sitting when working on my laptop. LOVE IT!"
- Andrew

Healthy Moves Client

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"Purchasing this book has been an eye opener for me. I am now able to track my sleeping and fitness habits. It has really made me think about how I can change my fitness habits and how much time I spend on my screen. This is one of the best investments in a while."
- Jada

Healthy Moves Client

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